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The parallax effect is the phenomenon where objects seem to shift or change position as you view them from different angles, creating a sense of depth and motion in the visual experience. This occurs because your viewpoint or perspective changes, which can make objects closer to you appear to move more than those in the background.

Parallax Motion: As users move around or change their viewing angle, the objects and scenes within the frames will appear to shift relative to each other. This is due to the different perspectives provided by the frames, creating the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality.

The parallax effect can be enhanced with additional visual effects, such as atmospheric distortions, lighting changes, or even the manipulation of colors and textures to convey the idea of transitioning between different realities.

To further immerse users, sound effects and narrative elements can be synchronized with the parallax motion. As users observe the portal machine, they may hear sounds that correspond to the alternate dimensions they are connected to or receive information about the different realities.

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